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Evangelical Friends Church Planting


National Friends Church Planting Sunday – October 22 – a day that will stand in history as a first!  

This was the first time in history that all of the evangelically-minded Yearly Meetings in North America collaborated to do something in all of our local churches on the same Sunday in relation to fulfilling the Great Commission and church planting.


Church planting is a natural outgrowth of answering Jesus' call to “come . . . and follow Me” (Mark 8:34; 10:21; Luke 9:23; 18:22) and “go therefore and make disciples” (Matt. 28:19). In other words, it's all about making disciples in every home, every town, every city, and every nation.


Dear Lord, thank you that you prompted someone in the past to pray, give sacrificially, and go to plant MY church!  Please help us to remember to pray.  Please pour out Your Spirit in such a way that it gives birth to a multiplication movement in this country among Friends.  Please help us to be generous, and use our gifts today to further Your Kingdom. And Lord, please raise up the right church planters and teams to start new churches in our region and in other parts of the country, wherever we need to go, for Your glory and the good of others.  Thank you, Lord.  In Jesus Name, Amen.


Would you consider helping partner with EFCP to provide funds for current and future church plants?

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Do you feel called to participate in church planting or to find out more? 

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