International Friends Church Multiplication Conference
November 11-13, 2020
Workshop Topics/Speakers:


On the Master Schedule you will find three workshop sessions for training, encouragement, and equipping, featuring expert teachers and experienced practitioners.  During each workshop session, five new electives will be offered. 

Four of the five workshops will be premiered on YouTube, with the fifth workshop being a live workshop hosted on Zoom Webinar (in italics).

After the live workshop takes place, it will be converted to a YouTube, allowing it to be viewed later.


1-1. "Becoming a Multiplying Mother Church" (Dr. Larry Walkemeyer)

1-2. "Equipping Leaders for Multiplication" (Dr. Stan Leach)

1-3. "Starting Churches in a Rural Setting" (Edwin Giron)

1-4. "Whole-Life Discipleship: Multiplying Disciples, Groups, and Churches" (David Thomas and Rwandan leaders)

1-5. LIVE on Zoom “What Every Planter and Church Should Know: Priorities for Church Multiplication” 

(Dr. Ed Stetzer)


2-1. “Online Church Planting during a Pandemic (and Beyond)” (Jeff Reed)

2-2. “Fit and Flourish: Church Planter Assessment and Coaching for Effectiveness” Dr. Tim Roehl)

2-3. “Multisite Church Planting: Lessons We Have Learned” (Featuring Bill Fish and David Hopper, hosted by Dr. Jim Le Shana)

2-4. "Church Planting with a Missional/Incarnational Approach" (Carrie Corliss)

2-5. LIVE on Zoom "Any Church Can Do It: Planting Churches No Matter Your Size or Budget" (Randy Littlefield)


3-1. "Casting a Compelling Vision for Church Multiplication." (Matthew Cork)

3-2. "The Personal Life of the Planter: Our Greatest Ministry Tool" (Featuring Larry Mendenhall and David Tebbs, hosted by Dr. David Williams)

3-3. "Cross-Cultural Planting: Starting Churches for People Who Are Not Like You" (Dr. David Byrne)

3-4. "Planting House Church Networks: Transferable Concepts that Work" (Fede Hernandez and Cambodian leaders)

3-5. LIVE on Zoom "Game Plan: Developing A Missional Plan to Multiply" (Dr. Tim Roehl)