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The Affinity Groups are an important part of the International Friends Church Multiplication Conference!  They are intended to facilitate synergistic discussion, relationship building, personal application, and mutual prayer support.  We are offering Affinity Groups five times, not so someone would attend all five, but so that everyone worldwide can find at least one time that fits their personal schedule. We encourage each person to attend one Affinity Group time during the conference. 

One definition of the word “affinity” is a “sympathy marked by community of interest.”  An affinity for someone or something means that there is a connection and commonality.  In the case of our IFCMC, it is the word we chose to identify these small online groups with like-minded people for processing, dreaming, and praying together.   Think of this as the kind of discussion that might happen naturally at a dinner table, in a hallway, or while talking with some new friends while hanging around at the end of an evening session.   

To keep things moving with limited time, each Affinity Group has at least one host to lead the discussion.  We encourage groups to focus on who you are, what you are learning, how it applies to your life/ministry, and then to always end in prayer for each other.  We know that nothing significant happens unless people pray, and this may be one of the most important parts of this conference – experiencing mutual prayer for each other as we seek to follow the Lord’s direction!

Discussion Questions:

Below are some discussion questions we are providing to the hosts to use as a guide in each of our Affinity Groups.  Be sure to leave time for the final question! 

  • Please tell us a little about yourself and why you decided to participate in this Multiplication Conference.

  • What does church planting look like in the region where you live? 

      • What seems to be working well?  What are the challenges?

  • What have you learned so far from the speakers and the workshops that has stood out to you?

      • What insights have you gained that might help you or others to plant churches?

  • What do you think the Lord is saying to you about church planting?  How will you respond?

      • What vision do you have for the future (for your life personally, for your church, or for Friends)?

  • How can we continue to encourage one another in the area of church planting once this conference is over?

  • How can we pray for you (and with you)?

NOTE: We are NOT going to record any of the Affinity Group sessions, so that everyone can feel free to share personally and openly with each other.  However, we do encourage you to consider taking notes and to pray for one another after the conference ends!

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